Ümlaut Brooklyn Greeting Cards are instantly identifiable with a distinctively outrageous sense of humor. We are "Vintage Style For Modern People". We're bright, bold & hip, and attract an incredibly broad audience with customers from their 20s to their 80s who love our combination of beautiful imagery with clever, thoughtful and (sometimes) risqué writing. We are a Woman Owned / Family Run business. All of our products are designed by Jocelyn & Roland Kirouac in Brooklyn NY and produced in the United States. Ümlaut Brooklyn is sold throughout the United States and Canada and distributed in Australia and New Zealand. ECO INFO We are dedicated to using sustainable materials wherever possible and all of our products are produced domestically. Our cards are printed on 100% PCW paper (which means no new trees cut down!)
Annoying Noise Card
Annoying Noise Card $5.95
Bon Appetit Card
Bon Appetit Card $5.95
Dog Years Birthday Card
Dog Years Birthday Card $5.95
Green Tea Card
Green Tea Card $5.95
Premarital Sex Card
Premarital Sex Card $5.95