Bluegill Pottery

Vicki Liles Gill graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in 1979. Her work is highly textured with carvings and impressions of natural organic patterns that feature birds, leaves, fish, and other inspirations from nature.

Studies at Gaston College and Penland School of Craft as well as workshops with nationally known potters form the basis of her knowledge and skills in clay.

Vicki established Bluegill Pottery in 1997. Her forte is thrown and handbuilt stoneware and porcelainous clay. Firing takes place in oxidation and, on occasion, in an atmospheric kiln. The tactile impression is as important to her as the visual impression, so carving and texturing methods form a common thread throughout the body of work. A desire to use and master techniques, such as carving and development of rich surface color and texture was influenced by Eastern pottery. Everyday use of handmade work was another important part of the Eastern tradition that caught Vicki Gill’s attention.

Bluebird Tray Turquoise
Bluebird Tray Turquoise $55.00
Bluebird Square Bowl Turquoise
Bluebird Square Bowl Turquoise $67.00
Bluebird Boat Turquoise
Bluebird Boat Turquoise $112.00
Bluebird Sponge Holder
Bluebird Sponge Holder $33.00
Folk Bird Tray
Folk Bird Tray $55.00
Wavy Bluebird Soap Dish
Wavy Bluebird Soap Dish $25.00
Crow Square Bowl with Sprigs
Crow Square Bowl with Sprigs $68.00
Bluebird Sprig Mug
Bluebird Sprig Mug $65.00
Bluebird Boat Green
Bluebird Boat Green $112.00
Bluebird Nest Bowl Turquoise
Bluebird Nest Bowl Turquoise $34.00
Bluebird Tumbler/Vase Green
Bluebird Tumbler/Vase Green $34.00
Bluebird Tumbler Light Turquoise
Bluebird Tumbler Light Turquoise $34.00
Cardinals Square Bowl Green
Cardinals Square Bowl Green $67.00
Blossom Square Bowl
Blossom Square Bowl $66.00
Blossom Boat
Blossom Boat $108.00