Bright Beam Goods

Bright Beam Goods are designed and fabricated by co-owners Kristen von Minden and Eve Trester-Wilson, along with a small team of talented designers trained in art, architecture, and graphic design. Each member of the Bright Beam Team has a passion for working with their hands. Handmade in Austin, Texas!

​The products are made from materials purchased whenever possible from United States manufacturers. At their workshop, these sheets of plywood, acrylic, paper and cork receive meticulous preparation-trimming, hand-painting, hand-finishing, masking-before they are placed into the laser cutter.
When the product is complete, Bright Beam Goods are packaged in their studio, using materials designed and often fabricated side-by-side with their corresponding products. The finished goods, though laser cut, bear traces of the human hand­-these are the things that set the products apart, and the reason they love to make handmade.

Give us a call at 215-862-1880 or email for additional information and recommendations !