Prairie Dance

Over twenty years ago, a desire for unique home and garden accessories in her own life led Terri Schuver down a path… and now that path is filled with hundreds of gifts, home decor designs and garden accessories! 

Between 1997 and now, Prairie Dance has grown from Terri's home garage to about 3,000 sq. ft. of studio space and a dozen of the Sioux Fall, South Dakota's  most talented artisans and business women. Terri asks, "What more could a midwest gal want?!"

Their products are made of sturdy, heavy gauge steel and meant to be enjoyed for many, many years. All pieces can be used indoors or outdoors. There's no need to remove pieces from your landscape to accommodate seasonal changes--in fact, if you are fortunate enough to enjoy winter, these designs look great against a fresh snow! 

"At Last" Wall Art
"At Last" Wall Art $95.00
"Family" Wall Art
"Family" Wall Art Sold Out
"Gather" Wall Art
"Gather" Wall Art $99.00
"I Wish You Joy" Wall Art
"I Wish You Joy" Wall Art $135.00
"Love My Cat" Magnetic Frame
"Love My Cat" Magnetic Frame $34.00
"Love My Dog" Magnetic Frame
"Love My Dog" Magnetic Frame $34.00
"Wonderful World" Wall Art
"Wonderful World" Wall Art $219.00