Tom Homann


Potter Tom Homann working at the wheel in Comer, GA

Studied pottery with Robert Richards 1974-76 in San Rafael, CA
Maintained studios in San Francisco, CA 1984-98
Middlebury, VT 1998-2014
Comer, GA 2014-present

Being a potter producing work for daily use requires many different qualities. Some of these seem to be natural to the individual, while many require practice and repetition to master. From design to the final result, good pots call on many skills, artistic to nuts & bolts mechanical.

Tom enjoys the challenges that making pots brings. It encourages constant exploration, sometimes resulting in disappointment but often enough great satisfaction.

Large Pitcher
Large Pitcher $109.00
Small Plate
Small Plate $24.00
Small Pitcher
Small Pitcher $69.00
Covered Cheese Dish
Covered Cheese Dish $79.00
Medium Square Vase
Medium Square Vase $149.00
Sugar Bowl
Sugar Bowl $39.00
Mug - Heart of the Home PA
Mug $42.00