Class Menagerie

Over the past 20 years, Peter Chapman  has developed a technique of turning a single piece of native or exotic hardwood into a fascinating and whimsical puzzle. Each puzzle conceals a secret: the retriever has a duck inside, the horse carries a foal, and the rabbit conceals a carrot.  These surprises are revealed when the puzzle is solved.

These puzzles are not only challenging and fun, they are also elegant sculptural pieces for display, thanks to the detailed craftsmanship, eye to design, and lovely selection of fine woods. 

Looking for a particular style from Class Menagerie's extensive collection?  We are happy to facilitate special orders.
Give us a call at 215-862-1880 or email for additional information and recommendations !
Labrador Puzzle with Duck
Labrador Puzzle with Duck $99.00 $169.00
Rabbit Puzzle in Maple
Rabbit Puzzle in Maple $119.00 $199.00
Welsh Dragon Puzzle in Leopardwood and Zebrawood
Welsh Dragon Puzzle in Leopardwood and Zebrawood $173.00 $289.00