Philippa Roberts

In Frenchtown ONLY!

Born in South Africa to a jewelry making family, Philippa was naturally drawn to working with metals and stones. Philippa's signature look is simple, organic shapes combined with beautifully cut gemstones. Her love of the ocean plays a large role in the selection of clean, blue and green stones in many of her pieces. Philippa's creativity stems from the nature around her, yet she also incorporates a feeling of the urban, with lines and patterns that imitate architecture and design seen around the city. Philippa creates all the original pieces by carving in wax or fabricating in metal.

Looking for a particular style from Philippa's extensive collection?  We are happy to facilitate special orders.
Give us a call at 215-862-1880 or email for additional information and recommendations !
Black Onyx Oval Earrings
Black Onyx Oval Earrings $174.00
Open Drop Earrings
Open Drop Earrings $179.00
Smoky Quartz Oval Pendant
Smoky Quartz Oval Pendant $164.00
Earthy Tourmaline Fringe Earrings
Earthy Tourmaline Fringe Earrings $219.00
Loop Pendant with Gemstone Dangles
Loop Pendant with Gemstone Dangles $149.00
Moonstone Leaf Pendant
Moonstone Leaf Pendant $194.00
Moonstone Marquise Earrings
Moonstone Marquise Earrings $169.00
Aquamarine Cluster Drop Earrings
Aquamarine Cluster Drop Earrings $179.00
Three Nuggets Necklace
Three Nuggets Necklace $154.00
Tiny Beaded Post Earrings
Tiny Beaded Post Earrings $72.00