Designer Stone Garden Shop


Designer Stone Garden Shop originated in May of 1999 in the community of Pacific Beach in San Diego, California. The originators, Alisa and Michael, had met the year prior while working for a local oceanfront blues bar. One day, while relaxing in their patio garden amidst planters and garden accents, they contemplated their future together and the idea of Designer Stone was born. They began making molds in the garage and soon realized they were onto something. At that time, it was a stretch to imagine the endeavor would amount to anything more than Swap Meets and Farmer's Markets.

Later, when dreaming bigger, they decided on their core business values realized their goal was to become the best. With this unified vision of greatness, immense companionship, some perseverance, sacrifice and a dash of good fortune. The result landed them in many of the most prestigious Southern Californian garden centers. After that the word was out and they gained a solid foothold within the industry.

After constructing a place to live and work, taking commissions, and working with other local artists, their own style emerged. They began creating unusual works of art, one piece complimenting another, evoking emotion and touching consumers. The positive response received from these unusual, spirited designs was an extraordinary feeling. their inventory consisted of ornamental garden art, with a strong sentiment for American craftsmen. We began with an idea which sprouted into a mission and with amazing grace has blossomed into a developed, innovative and reputable company.

Meditating Cat - Small
Meditating Cat - Small $19.95
Meditating Dog - Small
Meditating Dog - Small $19.95
Meditating Dragon - Small
Meditating Dragon - Small $19.95
Meditating Gnome - Medium
Meditating Gnome - Medium $44.00
Meditating Gnome - Small
Meditating Gnome - Small $19.95
Meditating Turtle - Small
Meditating Turtle - Small $19.95