Jason Silverman

"I took my first pottery class when I was 19," Jason tells us. "I always wanted to try it. As soon as I was halfway into my first attempt at throwing on the wheel, I was hooked. I remember thinking: 'This is it.' From that moment on, I had no choice; I was going to be a potter."

Rhode Island School of Design trained artist Jason Silverman creates forms on the wheel with a combination of traditional techniques and his own contemporary vision. He has been influenced greatly by Chinese Chun Dynasty pottery's forms and glazes. At the same time he draws from many modern sources in ceramics as well as other media such as blown glass and turned wood. At the Rhode Island School of Design he gained the technical ability and training that freed him to articulate his innate aesthetic vision through his ceramic forms and surfaces. The act of throwing, forming the clay on the wheel, is only the first step in the complex process of matching both form and glaze to an aesthetic vision — developing original glazes can be tedious, tricky, and volatile.

Jason adds: "I see the balance of function and beauty as an underlying guide to all of my pottery, from the most common cereal bowl to the most decorative vase." 

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Jason's practical, functional pottery would love to be part of your daily routine!   Interested in creating the perfect place settings for your needs?  Email us for more options, and to learn about discounts on  settings for four or more!
Wide Mug
Wide Mug $42.00
Chowder Mug
Chowder Mug $44.00
Mug - Heart of the Home PA
Mug $42.00
Soup Bowl
Soup Bowl $39.00
Short Mug
Short Mug $31.00
Ridge Mug
Ridge Mug $42.00
Travel Mug with Lid
Travel Mug with Lid $39.00
Olive Bowl
Olive Bowl $22.00
Creamer $38.00
Sugar Bowl with Lid
Sugar Bowl with Lid $69.00
Dessert Bowl
Dessert Bowl $31.00
Small Pitcher in Red
Small Pitcher in Red $95.00
Cereal Bowl
Cereal Bowl $44.00
Large Serving Bowl Green
Large Serving Bowl Green $232.00
Wine Bucket
Wine Bucket $69.00
Small Pitcher
Small Pitcher $95.00
Small Serving Bowl
Small Serving Bowl $95.00
Medium Serving Bowl
Medium Serving Bowl $169.00
Cappuccino Mug
Cappuccino Mug $29.00