Dickinson Woodworking

Dickinson Woodworking is a family owned and operated business based in Greenfield, Indiana, just 20 miles east of Indianapolis. Started out of a garage in 1990, it expanded into a workshop in 2004.  They source wood locally, sometimes milling it themselves from recovered storm damaged trees.  Locally-sourced, beautifully-made wood objects bring color and warmth to your kitchen.  All are built to last, and meant to be enjoyed as heirlooms for years to come.

Classic Small Cutting Board
Classic Small Cutting Board $30.00
Desk Mug with Lid
Desk Mug with Lid $68.00
Herringbone Bread Board
Herringbone Bread Board $34.00
Long Bread/Cheese Board
Long Bread/Cheese Board $24.00
Tapered Cup with Lid
Tapered Cup with Lid $44.00
Travel Mug with Lid
Travel Mug with Lid $53.00
Wood Shot Glass
Wood Shot Glass $19.00
XS Bread/Cheese Board
XS Bread/Cheese Board $19.00