Annie's Arts & Follies

Annie's Arts and Follies has been cranking out one of a kind handcrafted jewelry since 2005. It started with a teacup and has turned into an empire. Well, not quite yet, but that's the plan.

Each piece is constructed entirely by hand from sterling silver and copper, genuine gemstones and pearls. Incorporating the funk and functional, this rockin' line is becoming a favorite around the country.

Annie Ciszak Pazar, the brains and brawn behind the line, hails from Buffalo NY but has made Alaska her home. When not metal bashing or compulsively knitting, she hoards books like a squirrel, obsesses over Tudor England, and is planning the next great travel adventure.

Perky Poppies Copper Pendant
Perky Poppies Copper Pendant $78.00
Mini Flower Disk Earrings
Mini Flower Disk Earrings $42.00
Cut Trees 1" Pendant - Flame Red
Cut Trees 1" Pendant - Flame Red $79.00
Hearts of Blue Earrings
Hearts of Blue Earrings $39.00
Copper Teardrop Earrings
Copper Teardrop Earrings $39.00
Flame Patina Copper Earrings
Flame Patina Copper Earrings $36.00