Daneson Toothpicks

There's a quote that's fitting to Daneson:

"Beauty is the visible expression of man's pleasure in labour."

At Daneson, they sweat the details; purity and process are more than just words. Their toothpicks are made from bone white - American milled - northern white birch. They plant 100 trees for each one they cut. They work with independent family-owned suppliers. They are committed to the subtle character of natural ingredients. This is why their toothpicks are known the world over.

They take pleasure in how they do things and the result is, they happen to have made the simple toothpick beautiful.

Bourbon No. 22 Toothpicks
Bourbon No. 22 Toothpicks $11.95
Mint No.9 Toothpicks
Mint No.9 Toothpicks $9.95
Single Malt No. 16 Toothpicks
Single Malt No. 16 Toothpicks $11.95