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Flying Bird Botanicals

Flying Bird Botanicals is driven by a love for plants, healing, and a delicious cup. Through the simple ritual of making tea, they seek to provide a moment of peaceful solitude, or a chance to share in the luxury that is a good cup of tea and a friend. Flying Bird is passionate about crafting teas that are both delicious and nourishing. They consider the amazing organic farmers around the world and in their backyard to be the heart of this effort.

All teas are made with organically farmed and ethically foraged herbs, with efforts to seek ingredients local to the Pacific Northwest region first whenever possible. They source spices and teas from small and heirloom growers and harvesters. Even their packaging aligns with this vision: the silken bags are not plastic, and biodegrade naturally; they are tucked in airtight recycled steel tins for freshness. Sounds like a lot of work? One taste and you'll agree - it's worth it!

Cacao Vanilla Orange 3.5 oz
Cacao Vanilla Orange 3.5 oz $11.95