Treestump Woodcrafts

Can Fine Art be functional? Master wood artisans Christine and Ron Sisco prove that it can. The Siscos create sublime hardwood furniture and kitchenwares with fine turquoise inlaid in the natural cracks and veins of the wood.

The Siscos developed the concept of enhancing the wood with stone based on ancient Chinese practices Christine learned in art history class. “In the Ming Dynasty, cracks in porcelain were often filled with gold”, she explains. They decided to try the same thing with turquoise in their artisan wood works. They adhere the stone with a food-safe epoxy. This adhesive hardens and protects the stone so that it will stand up to the rigors of everyday use. The Siscos’ work is made exclusively from North American hardwoods including black walnut, cherry, and mesquite.

Sushi Board with River Rock Inlay
Sushi Board with River Rock Inlay $229.00