Barebones is about what feeds you. Literally. Figuratively. Soulfully. They are about food, nature, and the primal pull of the fire––and they supply the inspiration, goods, and guidance to help you revel in them. Creating community. Connecting with the moment, each other, and the food on your plate. Forging relationships. Standing in awe. Being transformed. Around the fire, under the stars. They invite you to join them in creating something that changes everything - including the outdoor spaces that surround your home.

Barebones stands behind the quality of all of their products. Each item they make is meticulously thought out in-house by their team of passionate designers. They sell these products because they love them, use them, and want you to enjoy them too. They are meant to elevate your gardening experience and withstand all normal rugged wear and tear.

Barebones believes in empowering communities to thrive, both locally and internationally, when resources are available. This abundance mindset is their “why” behind the generous donation of time, energy, knowledge, and products for the benefit of communities near and far. For Barebones, philanthropic and humanitarian work is at the heart of what they do. In the variety of the do-good projects they’ve taken on over the years, it is obvious how interwoven this ethic is in their business initiatives.

The first product ever created by the Barebones team was the state-of-the-art emergency shelter, and this continues to be one of the primary assets they provide to underprivileged communities and disaster recovery efforts. With these bare-bone shelters, people in countries across the globe are actively receiving the protection they desperately need.

Classic Work Gloves
Classic Work Gloves $29.00
Cultivator $29.00
Dandelion Weeding Fork
Dandelion Weeding Fork $35.00
Garden Scoop
Garden Scoop $39.00
Hori Hori Classic
Hori Hori Classic $49.00
Japanese Weeding Hoe
Japanese Weeding Hoe $35.00
No. 6 Field Knife
No. 6 Field Knife $89.00
Triangle Hoe
Triangle Hoe $29.00
Walnut Garden Scissors - Small
Walnut Garden Scissors - Small $42.00