Maishe Dickman

New Haven, CT

Maishe Dickman trained as an Industrial Designer. He strives to have every piece of pottery both functional and aesthetically pleasing. His classic forms and surfaces, inspired by nature, are combined to create finished work calming to the eye and inviting to touch. He loves making pots; and prices them affordably so that anyone who wants to own one of his pieces, can! His work is all stoneware fired in a reduction atmosphere to Cone 10. Most of his work is functional for everyday use, with an occasional one-of-a-kind decorative piece. He works primarily on the potter’s wheel, with some pieces utilizing slab construction.

Maishe's practical, functional pottery would love to be part of your daily routine!  Interested in creating the perfect place settings for your needs?  Email us for more options, and to learn about discounts on settings for four or more!

Shallow Bowl in Turquoise & Lavender
Shallow Bowl in Turquoise & Lavender $119.00
Soup Bowl in Turquoise & Lavender
Soup Bowl in Turquoise & Lavender $45.00