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Creative Crafthouse

Creative Crafthouse prides itself on offering high-quality, handcrafted wood mind-bender and brainteaser puzzles and games. They know that logic, reasoning, and analytical skills are all vital to cognitive development. The earlier a child or student can hone these skills, the better off he or she will be in life. No matter what age, developing problem solving skills, patience, and determination are important qualities to cultivate.

Nearly all people enjoy an interesting challenge and will work at something for hours on end to find the answer. They do their best to offer interesting, fun, sometimes magical and challenging puzzles with various degrees of difficulty and various types of challenges.  Many are their own design and some are historical designs that are unique to them. 

Creative Crafthouse is a small family business with 10 employees all striving for top quality and customer service. They have extensive laser skills along with CNC and traditional woodworking. 

Bird Lovers Puzzle
Bird Lovers Puzzle $42.00
Cat and Dog Puzzle
Cat and Dog Puzzle $42.00
Cat Lovers Puzzle
Cat Lovers Puzzle $42.00
Dog Lovers Puzzle
Dog Lovers Puzzle $42.00
Five Fit - Size Large
Five Fit - Size Large $34.00
Horse Lovers Puzzle
Horse Lovers Puzzle $39.00
Large Cruiser Puzzle
Large Cruiser Puzzle $29.95
Orchestra Pit Puzzle
Orchestra Pit Puzzle $42.00
Wine Lovers Puzzle
Wine Lovers Puzzle $42.00