Place Settings

We offer unusual and unique place settings for your beautiful table. If you are thinking of getting four or more place settings, we offer bulk discounts. Get in touch via email at or call us at 215-862-1880. Some of the items below are not currently in-stock but we can order them for you from the artist.
Wide Mug
Wide Mug $42.00
Chowder Mug
Chowder Mug $44.00
Mug - Heart of the Home PA
Mug $42.00
Soup Bowl
Soup Bowl $39.00
Short Mug
Short Mug $31.00
Ridge Mug
Ridge Mug $42.00
Olive Bowl
Olive Bowl $22.00
Dessert Bowl
Dessert Bowl $31.00
Button Covered Butter Dish in Blue
Button Covered Butter Dish in Blue $103.00
Blackened Chopsticks
Blackened Chopsticks $24.95
Cappuccino Mug
Cappuccino Mug $29.00