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JJ Potts

JJ Potts creates colorful and whimsical garden décor in their self proclaimed “dusty little ceramic factory” in Salt Lake City, UT, using American clays, glazes mixed from scratch and the finest pigments from around the world. The curious journey from raw clay to finished piece involves many steps and takes about 7 days. By the time each colorful ceramic emerges from the 2000 degree kiln and is ready to be shipped out into the world it has touched more than a dozen pairs of hands.

It all started in 1999 with a few make shift tools from the kitchen, some clay and a lot of patience. With just a few high school pottery classes under their belts, the Neff brothers setup the first pottery shop in the family garage and began making and selling Shroomyz. Demand for the Shroomyz grew quickly and they recruited college friends to help with production. Since then most of the original crew has moved on and got "real" jobs, but many of the current employees are still college students working their way through school. The business, factory, and techniques have grown, but they still have the original electric kiln their father gave them to start the operation. They continue to evolve the durability of materials and creativity of designs.

Rainbow Trout Garden Fish
Rainbow Trout Garden Fish $69.95
Fuji Red Garden Koi
Fuji Red Garden Koi Sold Out
Brown Trout Garden Fish
Brown Trout Garden Fish $69.95
Sea Grass Garden Koi
Sea Grass Garden Koi $69.95
Taro Purple Garden Koi
Taro Purple Garden Koi $69.95
Brook Trout Garden Fish
Brook Trout Garden Fish $69.95
Mandarin Orange Garden Koi
Mandarin Orange Garden Koi $69.95
Ocean Blue Garden Koi
Ocean Blue Garden Koi $69.95