EAM by Elise Moran


Elise Moran is most inspired by nature’s perfect design.  Since 1993, she has explored translating the complex and balanced forms present in nature, into small metal sculptures to be worn and to adorn.  It is one of the artist's favorite challenges... to see a beautiful flower or branch, and to figure out how to recreate it in silver and gold.  The results are whimsical, delicate pieces that imbue a classic elegance that will flatter those who wear them.

Looking for a particular style from EAM's extensive collection? We are happy to facilitate special orders.
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Waterlily Medium Pendant
Waterlily Medium Pendant $239.00
Waterlily Small Pendant
Waterlily Small Pendant $169.00
Waterlily Ring in Size 8
Waterlily Ring in Size 8 $299.00