Pottery Works

Handmade by Terry Silverman at The Pottery Works in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, this cookware suits the needs of everyone in the kitchen, from the gourmet chef to the everyday cook. Flameware is safe to use directly over a gas flame or an electric burner as well as in the oven and even the microwave.

These pots provide an even heating surface and continue to hold heat long after they have been removed from the oven or stovetop.

Looking for a particular style from Pottery Works' extensive collection?  We are still working on listing additional inventory items. In addition, we are happy to facilitate special orders.

Give us a call at 215-862-1880 or emailinfo@heartofthehome.com for additional information and recommendations !

Flameware Mug
Flameware Mug $49.00
Butter Warmer
Butter Warmer $49.00
Saucepan ~ 1 Pint
Saucepan ~ 1 Pint Sold Out
Saucepan ~ 1 Quart
Saucepan ~ 1 Quart $82.00
Covered Saucepan ~ 2 Quarts
Covered Saucepan ~ 2 Quarts $169.00
Low Bowl 10.5"
Low Bowl 10.5" $169.00
Low Casserole ~ 1 Quart
Low Casserole ~ 1 Quart $99.00
Casserole ~ 3 Quart
Casserole ~ 3 Quart $169.00
Frying Pan ~ 10.5"
Frying Pan ~ 10.5" $164.00
Frying Pan ~ 9.5"
Frying Pan ~ 9.5" $99.00