In Frenchtown ONLY!

This beautiful jewelry is handcrafted locally in Philadelphia. Justine, the designer and jeweler, named her studio as a homage to her grandfather. Vannucci works with semi-precious briolettes and metals. Their focus on unique color combinations and movement are rendered in high quality semi-precious gemstones.   Creating "professional whimsy" minimalist statement jewelry is their specialty.  Each piece is small and delicate enough to be worn in the most conservative of office jobs, yet unique enough that it is also the perfect choice for your evening plans.  

Naiad Ombre Earrings
Naiad Ombre Earrings $86.99 $154.00
Naiad Ombre Necklace
Naiad Ombre Necklace $69.99 $139.00
Woven Koi Earrings
Woven Koi Earrings $64.99 $129.00
Koi Woven Pendant Necklace
Koi Woven Pendant Necklace $86.99 $174.00
Prismatic Springs Woven Hoop Earrings
Prismatic Springs Woven Hoop Earrings $91.99 $184.00
Twinkle Earrings
Twinkle Earrings $64.99 $129.00
Twinkle Necklace
Twinkle Necklace $69.99 $139.00
Cove Asymmestrical Necklace
Cove Asymmestrical Necklace $66.99 $134.00
Herkimer Open Hoop Earrings
Herkimer Open Hoop Earrings $56.99 $114.00