Carolyn Zakarija

In Frenchtown ONLY!

Carolyn Zakarija is a traditional silversmith based in Southeastern Pennsylvania - a truly local artist for Heart of the Home.  Her artistic vision draws from architecture, global travels, and the charm of the English gardens of her childhood in London.  She focuses on silver working that does not require heat, creating a distinctive array of textures through milling, forging, metal stamping, and hand forming.  Her shapes are enhanced by silver and gold mixed metals that make each piece a versatile addition to one's jewelry collection.

Double Orbit Earrings
Double Orbit Earrings Sold Out
Triangle Fan Necklace
Triangle Fan Necklace Sold Out
Swinging Oval Earrings
Swinging Oval Earrings Sold Out
Drifting Petals Earrings
Drifting Petals Earrings $169.00