Tokens & Icons

Ward Wallau, a NY City native, was originally inspired by the NY Transit Authority's redesign of the iconic subway token to create collections that help people remember the iconic experiences of their lives.  That initial collection has grown over the years to include sports memorabilia transformed into cufflinks, wallets, pendants, bottle openers and more.

The MLB Authentication Program, initiated in 2001, is the industry standard and the first and, currently, the only of its kind. The MLB Authenticators, who attend every game, immediately hologram and document every bat, ball and mitt that comes out of play to ensure authenticity. Tokens & Icons works directly with MLB and the teams to source the authentic artifacts. To maintain complete and official chain of custody, Tokens & Icons additionally pays MLB Authenticators to come to Tokens' headquarters to authenticate the products in which they are incorporated. This process allows fans to not only enjoy receiving gifts incorporating authentic game used memorabilia from their favorite teams, but also allows them to discover the details of their artifact by searching their hologram number at

Tokens & Icons has not only forged a niche with baseball fans, but has attained multiple licenses with other sports icons and has thus acquired authority in the authentic game used gift realm.

Mercury Dime Money Clip in Black
Mercury Dime Money Clip in Black $82.00
New York Mets Uniform Money Clip
New York Mets Uniform Money Clip $179.00
Railroad Spike Bottle Opener
Railroad Spike Bottle Opener $89.00