David Voll Pottery


Artist David Voll has made his living crafting fine ceramic pottery for the past thirty years. David's unique hand-glazed pottery, made using intricately detailed glazes, has been displayed at galleries in Paris, Philadelphia, and Tokyo. David creates his functional handmade earth toned glazed pottery at his studio in Port Republic, New Jersey. 

Cut Bowl
Cut Bowl $319.00
Large Square Bowl
Large Square Bowl $159.00
Low Bowl
Low Bowl $89.00
Platter $279.00
Scallop Bowl
Scallop Bowl $159.00
Serving Bowl
Serving Bowl $89.00
Small Pouring Bowl
Small Pouring Bowl $54.00
Soup Mug
Soup Mug $44.00
Tall V-Shaped Mug
Tall V-Shaped Mug $44.00
Tea Cup
Tea Cup $25.00
Teardrop Vase
Teardrop Vase $95.00