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Young Witch Tarot Deck

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A beautiful, collectible treasure for any Young Witch to start their journey with. Hand your favorite witchlet (even if that’s you) a deck made just for them. A magnet latch book-box treasure filled with 78 accident-proof cards of easy-to-read pure magic and entertainment. This deck has been created especially for Young Witches everywhere. Anybody starting off on their esoteric journey will know that the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) deck is the standard to learn from, unless your art deck has an octopus as a Hierophant and you are cool with that!

This deck is faithful to the art and imagery of the RWS deck illustrator, Pamela Coleman Smith, but digitally revitalized and refreshed with a bright and vibrant palette by children's author/illustrator and tarot deck creator, Natalie Meraki.

It’s aimed directly at Young Witches everywhere, however old they (or you) may be! It’s a beautiful, fun family deck.