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Vincent's World Book Nook Kit

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If you like craft projects and beautiful, unique display pieces, this kit is for you! (Or someone you love.)

This meticulously crafted book-nook kit showcases a rich palette of vivid, eye-catching colors, reminiscent of the bold strokes and vibrant hues characteristic of van Gogh's iconic works. Each hue exudes its own unique vibrancy, echoing the emotional intensity that defined the artist's masterpieces. The kit's construction is characterized by its impressive thickness and sturdiness. Assembling this enchanting piece is a seamless and gratifying experience, with every detail meticulously designed for ease and satisfaction, mirroring the meticulous attention van Gogh gave to his own creations. Furthermore, it incorporates motion-sensing technology, adding an element of interactivity, and is thoughtfully designed to be powered by batteries, ensuring flexibility in placement and use, just as van Gogh's work transcends time and place to resonate with audiences worldwide.

A smart sensor activates the warm LED light to extend a greeting every time you draw near. With a sensor range of 20 inches, the light will illuminate upon detection and gracefully fade out after 1 to 2 minutes, ensuring a delightful and energy-efficient experience.

Makes a wonderful gift or just a treat for yourself!

Recommended for ages 14+