The Baseball Bucket List Book

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Keep track of game stats, winning plays, final scores, snacks, mascots, and other highlights from your trip in this handsomely finished flexi-bound journal.

The Ballpark Bucket List, bound in vegan leather and featuring a heat-stamped cover design and baseball-like stitching around the edges, is filled with prompts to plan the perfect baseball stadium bucket list. Knocking off each item effectively, discover unique park features, record your game experiences, and keep precious memories safe in a journal dedicated to all things baseball.

The journal divides the guide into regions of the country and Canada so that you can easily set up visits to the ballparks of the East Coast, Great Lakes, Chicago, and the Midwest. You will find:

  • In-depth information about each of the 30 Major League stadiums
  • Details about notable attractions such as baseball-related sites (Field of Dreams, Baseball Hall of Fame, Babe Ruth’s grave site)
  • Info on national parks and museums
  • Prompts and space to write what you learn, note historic stadium changes, and jot down any other fun memories from your trip

Share the journal with friends and family or keep it as a special memento for yourself. Record your thoughts and feelings that could otherwise be forgotten in The Ballpark Bucket List.