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Sushi Board with Turquoise Inlay

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Handcrafted mesquite sushi board with river stone inlay. A sleek, minimalist form with squared feet, drawing on traditional Japanese woodworking forms, but interpreted through the natural materials of the American Southwest. Each board is one of a kind, thanks to the unique grain characteristics of the wood, and the natural beauty of the river rocks. This is an entirely functional and food-safe serving item. 

14" long x 6 3/8" wide. Stands 1 3/4" tall.

Care: Rinse with warm water and non-abrasive dishcloth or sponge, can use a little mild dish soap if necessary.
Never soak wood kitchen items in water or put in dishwasher!

Treestump Woodcraft's beautiful river rock inlaid chopsticks make a great accompaniment! (Sold separately.)