Studio Series Aqua Brushes

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Paint on the go with these awesome Aqua Brushes -- store the water you need right in their barrels!

Fill the handle and squeeze lightly.
Water flows right to your palette or paper.
Aqua Brushes make it easier to release pure, bright pigments from dry watercolors.
Mix or dilute paints.
Blend and shade without interruption.
3 Aqua Brushes: fine, medium, and large brush tips.
Handles hold 7.5 ml of water.
Durable white nylon bristles hold their shape and make it easy to see color on the brush.
Eliminates the need for a separate water vessel when painting on the go!
Ideal for plein air work and watercolor sketching, as well as at-home and studio painting.
Caps protect brushes and prevent leaks.
Case measures 3-1/4 inches wide by 8-5/8 inches high.