Four Trees Wall Art

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Four trees against a background finished with dye-oxide patinas over an applied base of powdered aluminum, bronze, and iron.

24"x19". Bracket on the back for hanging

Robert Rickard’s work is incredibly vivid and yet very natural, drawing inspiration from the local natural world. His is a scientific approach. After cutting his designs into the base metal, each sculpture is then coated with other metals; typically copper, bronze, and iron.  Each of these metals reacts differently to the chemical patinas and dye oxides with which the pieces are finished, creating a rich palette of hues. He works meticulously, always learning and educating himself about new materials and finishes.

*You will receive the exact piece shown in this listing. Each work is a one of a kind. Though we do our best to capture the truest possible image of each piece of art, colors may vary slightly from what you see on your screen or in different lighting. Please contact us or stop by for a visit if you have any questions.