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Medical Emergency Wooden Puzzle

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Can you perform a successful emergency procedure and return the pieces back into the frame? Only the best will be able to save this “patient”. Extremely difficult if you have never seen it solved with a good solution time estimated at 1+ hour. An original and challenging 20 piece puzzle created using at least 5 different types of wood. The woods are ¼” thick and all precision laser cut and engraved. Each puzzle will have its own look as we mix up the wood varieties. Measures about 7” x 7” in the frame. Items included in the design are all things associated with the medical community such as: Stretcher, Ambulance, Forceps, Scalpel, Prescription Bottle, IV Bag, Stethoscope, Heart, Lung, Brain, Band Aid, Bandaged Arm, Ace Bandage, Caduceus Symbol, Thermometer, Band Aid, Ear Octoscope. An original Creative Crafthouse design with artwork by Alexandra Plummer. Made in USA To view a video of this puzzle please cut and paste this link: