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Legend of the Jaguar Shaman, 1000 piece Puzzle

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1000-pc Velvet-Touch Puzzle featuring the artwork of Nathan Miller.

Fine art wildlife painter Nathan Miller gathers inspiration for his art from many years spent abroad in Costa Rica.  He developed as an artist in the small town of Nosara, surrounded by the jungle and immersed in nature.

The puzzle box includes a high-quality print, a zip-lock bag, and Art & Fable's signature box top stand. Completed puzzle is 18.9 x 26.7 inches

Donations from the sale of this puzzle will go to International Animal Rescue Costa Rica. IAR Costa Rica was established to help protect, rescue, and rehabilitate the wildlife of Costa Rica. Stop the Shock is a program that specifically works towards eliminating the rampant electrocutions of monkeys as they traverse power lines in developed areas.