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Kiki's Magic Emporium Dollhouse Kit

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Abracadabra! Step inside the magical realm of wizards and witches with Kiki's Magic Emporium, the one-stop shop for potions and spells for aspiring wizards. As you continue on your great quest, stop by Kiki's for the solution to all your magical needs!

This model dollhouse study has shelves, a book of spells, scrolls, drawers of magical artifacts, and more to give details to your tiny space. You can add your own magical items to add your own personal twist with more magical items and spells. This magical apothecary will always remind you of the feeling of satisfaction when you complete it with such realistic looks and details.  There are light fixtures with tiny LED bulbs to light up each to make it realistic. The bright and warm lighting will add a nice, finishing touch to your room, table, or shelf. This kit includes an instruction book with illustrations to give you an idea of its potential and help your dreams come alive.

This kit includes an LED light, electrical wires, batteries, a battery case, glue, tweezers, paint, and a paintbrush. Extra recommended tools are a ruler, scissors, a utility knife, pliers, a pencil, a binder clip, and a screwdriver. There are some paper pieces that need to be cut out and glued together.

Families and friends can bond for hours assembling this adorable dollhouse, which the provides lasting pleasure as a unique decor item!

Perfect for gifting, or a treat for yourself!

Recommended for ages 14+