Higurashi Bonsai Shears

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The Higurashi Bonsai Scissor is a traditional bonsai version of the Butterfly shear. Higurashi means "living life one day at a time", or "Season's End". Both are thoughtful sentiments for a garden tool that you will use for years to come.

Traditional drop-forged scissors for the garden and home, perfect for ikebana, cut flowers, dead-heading, a bit of bonsai, and light pruning. Hard-wearing carbon steel that holds its edge and sharpens up well. Hold with your index finger outside the handle, for flexible, comfy use. The razor-sharp blades minimize damage to trimmed plants allowing them to heal faster. This versatile tool has countless uses around the kitchen, home, and garden. They are brilliant for getting at those hard-to-reach places – such as harvesting inside herb or microgreen grow trays, delicate cuttings for flowers, or bonsai design trimming.