Fordite 3" Lockback Knife

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Fordite (aka Detroit Agate or Motor Agate) is pre-1985 automobile paint which has hardened sufficiently to be cut and polished. It was formed by the now retired practice of hand spray-painting multiples of production car bodies in large automotive factories. The over-sprayed paint in the painting bays gradually built up on the tracks and skids that the car bodies were moved on. Over time, many colorful layers built up there. These layers were hardened repeatedly in the ovens that the car bodies went into to cure the paint. Some of these deeper layers were even baked 100 times!! Eventually, the paint build-up would become obstructing, or too thick and heavy, and had to be removed. This rare material is now recycled into decorative applications. Each is unique, a record of a particular facility’s production history - no two knives are the same!

Color and pattern of decorative materials vary greatly!  Picture is a representative sample of some Fordite samples.  Shades of black, white, red, blue, green, and more are all possible.  Call or email us to see photos of the exact item(s) we have in stock.

3” long closed, with a 2.25” long 440 stainless steel blade and lockback mechanism.