Fireweed Flower Pick

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The Fireweed Hand Painted Flower Pick showcases the elegance and beauty of the Fireweed plant with its delicate pinkish flowers. Crafted with care, this hand-painted flower pick captures the essence of this captivating wildflower.

The pick features a slender metal stem that provides stability and allows for easy placement in various settings. At the top of the stem, there are stunning pinkish flowers that catch the eye and evoke a sense of grace and serenity.

The hand-painted petals of the Fireweed flowers display shades of pink, ranging from soft pastel hues to deeper, more vibrant tones. The artist meticulously blends these colors to create a realistic and captivating representation of the flower. The petals may have subtle gradations, reflecting the natural variations found in Fireweed blooms.

Dimensions: 22.5" x 6.5"