Micro Puzzles

Bouquet of Beauty Mini Jigsaw

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Flowers bursting with color and life - part of the proceeds of this sale benefit the charity Art With Intention.

MicroPuzzles make an ideal gift.

150 piece Mini Micro Jigsaw Puzzle - finished size is 4"x6"

Suitable for framing in a standard 4x6 frame

Makes a great gift!

The wholesale price includes a charitable donation to Art with Intention.  Art with Intention is an art enrichment program for those thriving with autism, Alzheimer's, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and stroke recovery. 


Emily R. 

Emily is a beautiful young lady with autism. She may not be able to expresses herself through words, so instead she speaks through her paintings which bring her great joy and satisfaction. When she’s not painting, she enjoys attending camp and car rides with family. Emily was one of the first students of the AWI program and her talent continues to inspire many.