Up With Paper


Up With Paper is the original pop-up greeting card company, founded in 1977 when a humble stage designer translated his set concepts into miniature paper formats to share with prospective clients. Charmed with the results, he moved away from theater and instead opened PopShots, Inc., the origin of Up With Paper. While the first release consisted of six painstakingly designed cards per year, advancements have allowed them to release multiple categories of cards per season—but their original fondness for paper and attention to craft still remain.

Up With Paper is all about bringing people closer together via playful correspondence. Their designers delight in the small details that make their products pop. They’ve integrated pull-tabs, push-button light effects, and sound clips into many of the pop-up greeting card lines. Their cards feature elaborately folded pop-ups and dainty details that are carefully hand-crafted and finished with care.

Ocean Shells Pop-Up Card
Ocean Shells Pop-Up Card $7.99
Wild Horses Pop-Up Card
Wild Horses Pop-Up Card $7.99
Protea Pop-Up Card
Protea Pop-Up Card $7.99
Lit Outer Space Pop-Up Card
Lit Outer Space Pop-Up Card $10.99