San Juan Island Sea Salt


We are sea salt farmers! We make solar evaporated, mineral rich sea salt in the most beautiful place on earth: San Juan Island Washington. We also make killer seasonings that your customers will love. Our best selling products are our Natural Sea Salt, our Popcorn Blend and our Madrona Smoked Sea Salt. My kids are addicted to the Popcorn Blend-and not just on Popcorn, on just about everything! Unlike most artisan sea salt makers who boil their seawater to evaporate it, we rely only on sunshine-no fans, no heaters no nothing. This makes a huge difference as to make 1 lb of sea salt by boiling can take up to 2 lbs of fossil fuels! Additionally our process makes our salt much more mineral rich than most sea salt, with a slightly more wild, briny taste. Our sea salt is similar in minerality and consistency to Celtic sea salt. We also make amazing Salted Caramels with honey instead of corn syrup and we only use organic or local ingredients in them. They are Good Food Award winners and for good reason, and they sell like crazy in our retail salt shop. If our products seem interesting to you, don't hesitate to reach out and we can get you free samples of anything. We love working with small independent stores to find just the right products to delight their customers! Thanks for checking us out! Brady, Leah, Sawyer and June (our kiddos) and the rest of the hard working salt crew!

Salty Smoky Two Pack
Salty Smoky Two Pack $41.95
Truffle And Friends Salt
Truffle And Friends Salt $23.95