Being Weird Is A Wonderful Thing

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Do you ever feel different? That you're a little weird, a little wacky? Or that you don't fit? Well, Kathryn and Ross Petras are here to remind you that, as Lewis Carroll wrote, "All the best people are."

From the connoisseurs of quotes whose books, starting with Age Doesn't Matter Unless You're a Cheese, comes a collection of thoughts that celebrate the virtues of being different and the power of inclusivity. Quoting from singers and poets, actors and activists, jazz musicians, fashion designers, inventors and philosophers, Being Weird is Wonderful serves to remind anyone that the only approval you need in life is yours and yours alone. That to live successfully is to own--unapologetically and completely--the thing that makes you, you:

"If I'm going to sing like someone else, then I don't need to sing at all." --Billie Holiday

"[A]ll the colors I am inside have not been invented yet." --Shel Silverstein

"I am different. Not less." --Temple Grandin

"The more I feel imperfect, the more I feel alive." --Jhumpa Lahiri

As the authors point out, there are 7.7 billion people on earth, and yet no one just like you. Isn't that the most wonderful thing?