Fun Club

In a world where traditional party balloons threaten to suffocate anyone with a sense of humor, one strong woman vowed to rescue parties everywhere from drowning in a sea of somber mediocrity. So it was that in September 2015, with a little salt and vinegar and a refusal to give a *bleep* about offending your mom, Fun Club’s founder, Caitlin, incubated this piece of awesomeness called Crassholes.

Back then it was just the balloons. But it kept on growing, and Crassholes evolved into a beast by the name of Fun Club. With a whole panoply of decorations and party gifts for adults, Fun Club offers up offensive birthday cards, quirky fridge magnets, bachelorette party gifts, funny prayer candles, adult birthday party decorations, rude valentines cards, journals, pens, and of course, a fuckton of balloons.

And Now, An Interlude For The Environmentally Conscious: The balloons are all 100% biodegradable. Heckn’ Yeah!

Here’s some more feel-goods: Caitlin co-owns an animal rescue called Mixed Mutts with her best friend. She absolutely loves doing animal rescue, but it is a WAY more serious job. There’s no humor in dealing with abandoned, abused and scared animals. But she wanted you to know that it is incredibly rewarding to see a dog that you have been working with for months finally find a forever home.

At the end of the day, we just want to make things that show life isn’t all that serious. Or that yeah, maybe it is, but at least we can laugh along the way.

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