Emily McDowell & Friends

Emily McDowell, a writer and illustrator, began making products that speak to the human condition with honesty, humor, and heart in January 2013. Her cards are designed for the relationships we really have, and her mission is to help people connect when they’re not sure what to say. She believes humanity is an endless source of inspiration, and finds it creepily satisfying whenever a customer asks if their diary has been read, because it means she’s doing something right.

In January of 2018, she joined forces with fellow Southern California-based, women-owned company Knock Knock to become the Who’s There Group: two kick-ass brands under the same roof, united by one very high-maintenance espresso machine.

In January of 2019, she officially changed her name from Emily McDowell Studio to Emily McDowell & Friends, to reflect the expansion into partnerships with other artists and writers.

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