Elizabeth Keith Designs

Elizabeth Keith Designs was created in 2009, but the idea for “whimsical garden art” has been a business dream for the owners for many years. 

Chris and Karen Montgomery and Mike Markham are the owners of Elizabeth Keith Designs located in Apex, North Carolina. In the fall of 2009 when they decided to start their own business they moved from Los Angeles to Cary, North Carolina and launched Elizabeth Keith Designs.

 The majority of the Elizabeth Keith Designs consists of “whimsical garden suns”. They describe their company this way. “ A unique vision for your garden, that is our mission here at Elizabeth Keith Designs. We want your garden to inspire, to calm and to delight. We offer you an abundance of personalities in the form of a sun. Whether you choose a large face, a happy face or a peaceful face, each face is meant to enhance your garden and to inspire you!”


In addition to the “Garden Suns” they have a large selection of Metal Words and Metal Garden signs to offer. The Metal Art selection of the business continues to grow. All of their “Gardens Suns “ and “Metal Signs and Rays” are made in their studio and they are delighted to put “Hand Crafted in Cary, North Carolina” on all of their hangtags. 

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