Crary Mills Pottery

Ronald Larsen established Crary Mills Pottery in New York in 1978 after earning a Ph.D. from Stanford University and spending time as a professor of mathematics at Yale. He spent the next several decades making utilitarian pottery full-time using traditional hand methods.

Together with the activity of running a pottery, Larsen has, over the years, been involved in other aspects of the craft world. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, and written essays for various publications such as Ceramics Monthly, The Studio Potter and, the short lived, Professional Craft Journal. Larsen has been involved with the St. Lawrence County Arts Council since its inception and served for a few years on the board of directors.

In 2019 he decided 42 years of pot making was enough and decided to take a step back. Pieces may still be found in showrooms, but the new productions of pots will be sporadic at best.

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