Michael Cohen Tiles

For 42 years Michael Cohen has been a Professional Potter making functional stoneware bowls, mugs, and trays. In 1997 he created a line of tiles that have become extremely popular. So popular that he stopped making his wholesale line of pots and devoted himself to making only tiles. There are 36 different designs. Some designs come and go, others have become perennial best sellers. He has said that the most fun in the process is creating the new stamps. Stamps are usually made in several versions until they look just right. His Blue Tiles are featured in many of the top 100 galleries and shops in the United States.

Sponge Holder
Sponge Holder $26.00
Chickadee Tile
Chickadee Tile $42.00
Heart Tile
Heart Tile $42.00
Heart in Hand Tile
Heart in Hand Tile $42.00
Tree Tile
Tree Tile $42.00