Allan Ditton Pottery


Ditton Pottery Studios was started in 1995 in the basement of Allan's parents' home, after graduating from Alfred University.  Since that time, Allan has married, had two children, all along with growing a business and trade that he loves. Ditton Pottery Studios is a labor of love with each piece handmade from start to finish. Each piece is touched by the potter's hands at least 5 times before it becomes a finished piece of art - from throwing, to altering shape, to glazing and finishing.

Berry Bowl Plate
Berry Bowl Plate $24.00
Chowder Mug - 24 oz.
Chowder Mug - 24 oz. $44.00
Large Oil Cruet
Large Oil Cruet $46.00
Medium Bowl - 11.5"
Medium Bowl - 11.5" $119.00
Mug - 16 oz.
Mug - 16 oz. $39.00
Mug - 20 oz.
Mug - 20 oz. $44.00
Salad Plate
Salad Plate $39.00
Small Oil Cruet
Small Oil Cruet $39.00
Utensil Holder and Wine Chiller
Utensil Holder and Wine Chiller $59.00