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33 Bottles of White Wine

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Why Should Red Wine Get All the Attention?

We should celebrate this sometimes overlooked segment of the wine world with a book designed specifically for white wines, from dry Alsatian Riesling to tropical New Zealand Sauvingnon Blanc, and everything in between. It pairs exceptionally well with poultry, fish, and ... your favorite vintage Sauternes!

As with the red and rose 33 Wines, the flavor wheel on each interior page can be used to quickly evaluate a wine’s flavor long. For low values of the flavor, fill in dots near the wheel’s center. This wheel is designed specifically for the flavors found in white wines, with an emphasis on maturation-deriv A teeny, tiny amount of real white wine has been added to the ink in each edition, cryptically noted on the back of the book.

33 Wines is made with 100% recycled papers sourced in the Northwest.

One of the best stocking stuffers / Christmas gifts for the wine lover on your list.

Dimensions: 3.5" x 5".