La Marée Art

Classic Round Cherry Serving Board - 13.5"

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Gorgeous, dimensional resin details seem to splash ashore on this beautiful serving board by La Maree. Each is handmade in Maine, near the coastal vistas that inspire its design. Perfect for bringing cheese and charcuterie, breads and spreads, and other delicacies right to the dining room table or party sideboard.

Cherry wood board measures 13.5” diameter, and 3/4" thick. Resin detail is poured by hand, and is entirely food safe. We do not recommend cutting on resin decoration! Reverse can be used for gentle cutting tasks, and features grooved edge for improve grip, or catching crumbs.

Care & Keeping: Hand wash only - do NOT put in the dishwasher! It is great to condition your board with a food safe oil after every use but not absolutely necessary. When the wood starts to look dull, you know it needs to be conditioned - mineral oil is a great food safe option.