California Poppy Flower Pick

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The hand-painted metal California Poppy Pick features vibrant orange flowers, capturing the essence of this beautiful native wildflower. The pick is crafted from sturdy metal, ensuring its durability and longevity. The attention to detail in the painting showcases the intricate characteristics of the California Poppy.

Atop the metal stem of the pick, there are two captivating blooms. One of the blooms is open, displaying its intricate layers of delicate petals. The vibrant orange color radiates warmth and energy, mimicking the bright rays of the California sun. The petals are carefully painted to capture the subtle nuances of shading and texture, adding depth and realism to the flower. Beside the open bloom, there is a closed bud, symbolizing the promise of new life and the potential for future blossoms. The bud is adorned with hints of orange, suggesting the impending burst of color that will soon unfold.

Dimensions 19" x 5"